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We are leveraging V7’s model-assisted labeling in our workflows, which helps us decrease the cost per image labeled and cuts in half the time to delivery.
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Try our platform and get the early access - 2
Using computer vision to automate the measurement of physical operations for enterprises using their own IP camera network
Software & Internet
New York, USA
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The Computer Vision Summit brings together global innovators to bridge the gap between research and practical application of intelligent vision technologies. Over 250 leaders from companies such as Airbus, AstraZeneca, Nike, and Oculus gather to explore novel applications, scalable infrastructures, and engineering solutions. Discussions cover topics ranging from building better data engines, optimizing machine learning life-cycles, and deploying and scaling vision systems from the ground up. Attendees can network with peers, learn about new innovations, and get practical advice to overcome roadblocks on their journey to production. The summit aims to equip participants with the tools required to go from boardroom concepts to global impact.

“FiftyOne Teams has helped us manage our huge datasets, collaborate on model evaluation, tighten our production schedule, and ultimately deliver solutions that help our customers better manage their risk. FiftyOne Teams has added tremendous value to our computer vision processes.”

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